III.         Dues

Regular Members:
               Annual Dues:                $650
               Substitutes:                   No Charge
               Guests:                          $90
               (Regular members include members who are in full time tax practice or have left
                private practice or education to work in industry.)

Sustaining (Retired) Members:
               Annual Dues:                $550
               Per Meeting Charge      $80
               Guests:                          $90
               (Sustaining members may pay annual dues instead of meeting
               charges.  Sustaining members are members no longer engaged
               in full time tax practice, or members no longer working in the
               Bay Area.)

               Annual Dues:                $450
               Meeting Charge            $70
               Guests:                          $90
               (Educators may pay annual dues instead of meeting charges.)

Annual dues are on a calendar year basis, payable by March 1.

Established 1955





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